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Charitable Bequests for General and Endowment Support

A simple way to leave a planned gift to Working Against Violence, Inc. (WAVI) is to make a bequest in your will or living trust. With a charitable bequest to WAVI, you can provide WAVI with important support of its general operations or long-term support for its general operations through our endowment funds. You can make a bequest of cash, securities, real property, or personal property. You may also contribute a percentage of your estate or the entire residue of your estate. Your estate will receive a charitable estate tax deduction for the full value of the donation, so your estate will not pay estate tax on these assets.

General Purpose Bequests are bequests that WAVI may use for its general operating purposes.

General Purpose Endowment Bequests are endowed bequests, the annual distributions from which WAVI may use for its general operating purposes.

Donations of Stock

You can also make a gift of stock shares to Working Against Violence, Inc (WAVI). Publicly traded securities, stocks, bonds and mutual funds may be donated to WAVI at their present fair market value, including any "paper profit" in the stock. Tax advantages make this an appealing option, especially for larger gifts.

Donate to WAVI

Make a one-time, monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution of any size to WAVI. You can easily make a donation on our website, or mail in your gift.

Volunteer at WAVI

Donate your time by volunteering at WAVI! We have many volunteer opportunities available, allowing you to contribute your unique talents in assisting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Life Insurance

Working Against Violence, Inc (WAVI) may be named as the principal beneficiary of an insurance policy.
Working Against Violence, Inc (WAVI) will be pleased to provide information and assistance regarding these various options. Please contact us for more information.


Fact: About 3 out of 4 people personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence.